Tarabya Al-Eidan is a coffee enthusiast who holds a B.Sc. in Chemisty (with a minor in English Literature) from the prestigious Kuwait University. She first fell in love in nature when she climbed a tree near her family's house. She later turned to gardening after being inspired by a school assignment to plant flower seeds, watch how they grow, and then write a report. But with her busy schedule of doing homework and playing video games with her brother, the after school hours were not the best time to indulge in gardening and nature-things. However she is now an astute gardener who, in her spare time, likes to cook contemporary cuisine, clean the house, ride her bike, and do yoga on the weekends.

events :

Book Reading at Q8 Bookstore - Tuesday, Feb 9th at 7:00 om

Book Reading at The Secret Garden - Thursday, Feb 18th at 7:00 pm