a recipe for pretty

as a youngster, I've never really been interested in beautification as my peers were. as tomboy to the core, I've often found myself climbing trees and digging through dirt. I would be outdoors whenever adventure called and return home only to play video games on my Nintendo. those were some of the things I did during the times when I wasn't at school or doing homework after school. I never really had time to spend with other girls because we didn't really share similar interests. I was too much of a free-spirit anyway. being indoors enjoying the company of Barbie dolls was not my thing. and truth be told, I never really felt pretty enough for them to accept me.

nowadays, I find myself fitting in more than I ever thought I would. I can talk to girls and even hang out with them. I am no longer afraid of being judged or misunderstood. my secret: acceptance. you see, what I used to hate about the girls of my generation was that they conformed to what society wanted them to be. I rebelled against those rules, and therefore I was an outcast. but with time I learned not to resist them because they are different from, but to embrace them for being different. so when I stopped walking under that dark cloud of hostility, I found out that they are good people after all. 

I began to live better. I began to actually enjoy living.  so much of personality has improved, I was a new person, but still that same little girl who likes to climb trees and play video games. I even began to wear makeup to enhance my appearance - something I never thought I would ever do! so many of the things I hated became the paraphernalia for the new me.

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it's crazy to think that just by making a few additions to myself I found acceptance and happiness not too far a way.

I feel lot better because I let go for the hatred for my gender that was weighing me down. 

there was never a reason to be angry with them. it's not their fault. 

the fact of the matter is this: women exist to make the world a better place. and why not do it with a happy attitude and some nice clothes?! it's not considered conformity when one chooses to look better for the sake of acceptance. we need to look our best to be treated in the best way possible. women just have an advantage over that. that's why men's clothes look good on women too!