memoirs of a geisha

I've been going online a lot lately. doing some shopping. ok, a LOT of shopping! I love buying things and having them delivered. it's so much fun! I love conventional shopping too, but there's a kind of thrill in receiving something in the mail. especially when it's something that you paid for with your hard work.

I was introduced to the Tachta brand of skin care products by the good people of Sephora about a month ago. 

and after watching this video, I was hooked on the idea of the skin care that is all-natural. of course, it's no secret that we all want to care for our skin using Earthly, eco-friendly products but we often tend to stray and go for creams and cleansers that are mostly synthetic and filled with chemicals. sometime we find products that claim to contain all-natural ingredients but the truth of the matter is that they don't!

as a force of habit, I went to the Sephora store but they didn't have the same products as featured in the video, so I had to get my fix from the online store! 

I found a lot of good lotions-and-potions, but some vendors didn't ship internationally, so I was a bit disappointed. but luckily Tatcha didn't let me down. 

as I browsed through their amazing website, I found a million things that I wanted to have! but I had to limit my choices because I wasn't sure about shipping and handling, so I picked smaller sized items.

the great thing about Tatcha is that they carry travel-size products which are great for first-timers who want to test things out before making a grand purchase. those minis are also great for when you love the product so much that you'd want to have it with you at all times in your little purse! 

one other great thing about buying from Tatcha ( is that they allow you to have 3 samples of a selection of items when you check-out.

I've bought so many things from then after my initial fist purchase because the products are so good and super effective. they are nothing like I've tried before. they really are some what of a miracle! 

and the cool thing about them is ...

It's finally here 💙 #indigo Thanks @tatcha for the awesome goodies

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I've been truly blessed to be able to afford such luxuries. I am so thankful to have a job that enables me to finance this decadent lifestyle. 

although I hate being at work, I am glad that one good thing has come out of all my efforts. I am not opposed to "working", because I love it! I love to do chores and I love running errands and helping out. I even do volunteer work because I love to work so much. what I really don't like is being in a office doing office-work. having a "job" is not on the list of my favorite things. but having a job is a good thing whether I like it or not!

am I right!

from all my Tatcha purchases I came to find out that this brand was inspired by the beautiful geisha ladies of Japan. it was their dedication to looking their best (~for their job) that lead to the discovery of all the wonderful, and natural ingredients that are found in all the Tatcha products. 

little by little I am learning that the life of a geisha is not so easy, but she managed to do and delight in it and still look her best despite it all.

little by little, I am accepting that although I will never like my job, I still need to do it - and look my best while I'm at it