"T" is for Tomato

in honor of the release of my book, I dedicated tomato plants to my friends. these are plants will grow in my garden, and will be tagged with each of my friends' names. and when the tomatoes are fully grown, those friend will get those tomatoes! 

this was a little treat that I wanted to share with my friends - those who helped me along. I wanted to share with them the joys I felt with gardening. of course, no not all them are as keen as I am to do gardening and such things; so I took on this challenge all by myself. I was always a little odd like that. I liked them just the same, though: they are a good bunch of people. I initially wanted to give each of my friends a plant for themselves to look after and care for, but they wouldn't have the time nor the space for such a responsibility. so I kept the plants in a place where I could care for them, but the harvest would belong to those whose names are tagged to the plants!

yellow roses soon to be red tomatoes...and lots of lovely basil.

yellow roses soon to be red tomatoes...and lots of lovely basil.

the tomatoes took forever to show up. last year, I got tomatoes in abundance within 2 months after I planted them. this year, it's another story. I think it's due to the harsh summer we had and then the cold winter winds. 

I decided just recently to start using plant food. it's a combination of different vitamins and nutrients that a plant needs in order to grow and flourish, and produce good quality flowers or veggies. the blue elixir I add to my crops once a week and then I tend to my plants as usual, and then the effects will show. so far I've got nothing - not for myself, and not for those I promised some home-grown goodness. I feel like I'm cheating at this gardening thing. I mean, it's supposed to be easy and what ever crops you get will be the results of your hard work - minus the addition of performance enhancers. I've never used plant food before, so I'll see how this goes. I need to test this out. I started this gardening thing to experiment anyway, so I'll give this a try too.