a little piece of heaven

I have been talking about my garden and how awesome it is, but I haven't really shared any photos of it. I'll share a few shots down below.

the crops this year are better than ever, so I can finally show you what my little piece of heaven looks like.

it took a while (a long one) to achieve all this. with the blessings of God and the help of my family, I was able to accomplish all of this and more because I was determined. I wasn't going to let my pain get the best of me. I pushed down all the anger and sadness I felt, down into the dirt; and I got some amazing results in the end. I hate to admit, but it was negative thoughts and bad vibes that fueled my will to work in the garden. but that is actually a good thing because I didn't dwell on negativity but I pushed it far away from my life by doing something productive - something positive.

when life gets you down, and when there is no where to turn; you should put your heart in the hands of God. you will always be guided in the right direction. you will always get inspired to do something that will take the pain away. God will always show you the way to remove pain from your life. my pain turned into a lush garden in the end. where will your pain lead you?? that's for you to find out.