step by step

in this post, I want to share with you how I plant seeds. sounds simple enough -right? it should be, but there are a few steps to follow in order to obtain the best results for all your hard work.

in the past, I've followed my grandmother's technique of eat-the-fruit-and-dump-the-seed-in-the-soil. after ending up with a cocktail of plants in the garden, and a million un-wanted weeds, I decided to do gardening in a more proper fashion. I decided to get organized and focus on one kind of crop. the results were phenomenal! I like the idea of one kind of plant in the garden, as opposed to lots of random things just clogging up the place. however, I'm not completely opposed to having variety in the garden, but rather a more organized kind of mess. like, having a range of flowers instead of just one kind is fine by me. but not like having flower living next to a tomato shrub next to a cotton tree near a basil plant right next to a lemon tree... that kind of "variety" is just an indication of bad taste and ill preparation. 

although I should admit, that's how the garden at my house looks like now... it's kept like this in honor of my grandmother because she planted all these things when we first moved in. 

I myself am trying to place my own imprint on the garden now. but I'm doing it in a more organized way: one plant at a time. 

here is how I'm doing it:

just a quick and easy slideshow to illustrate how to plant flower seeds. if you have any questions, please let me know.