Flower Power

it's been quite a journey. I wrote a book about my experience with gardening, but it's actually about my experience with life.

when I started work, I thought things were going to be easy. little did I know that aside from actually having to work hard, I had to deal with very difficult people who made office-life (~and life itself) very unbearable. I needed an escape, but no "exit" sign lit up before me to direct me to safety. I was stuck. I began to search for ways to amuse myself. I needed something to keep my mind off the bullying and the heavy work load. I needed a hobby, that's what I told myself. I needed something to look forward to after work to make it though the day. I've been a shopping addict for far too long. I needed a new act. I don't know how, but I decided to plant things and wait for them to grow. I think it was because I just got sick and tired from looking at the miserable so-called garden in our house, and thought to myself that this would be a nice little challenge to take on. from that day onward, I've been feeling a lot better. things just got a little bit easier to handle.  I think it was mainly due to the hardships I faced at work that I became so fond of gardening. burying my pain deep into the soil and reaping flower was the thing I liked most about the whole gardening experience.

I never set out to use gardening as a form of therapy, though; but in the end that was the thing that helped me through tough times the most. all I really wanted was something to take my mind off the heavy work load and my mean boss, and that when I decided to take on the challenge of upgrading our home garden and making it a place worthy of actually being called a "garden". I owe it all to my neat-freak nature because I've always found comfort in the act of cleaning and tidying up and so the challenge of cleaning up the garden was a really a breeze. 

now when I look at the garden, I feel happy knowing that my hard work did all that.