water, sun, and love

I used to be a vegetarian. I was off meat for two years. I wanted to clean my body. I've been a carnivore for my entire life, and I felt that it was time for a little change. this was instigated by me, and not as per the advice of someone else. I wanted to clear my body of the souls and flesh of other living beings - dead food equals dead body. I figured that if I only ate things are "alive", then my body will rejuvenate itself and my skin will look better too (I had acne then). during this time, however, my mom and my sister would constantly tell me that what I'm doing was wrong and could possible cause me more harm than benefit. and consequently I ended up having a meat dish once a week just to silence their incessant nagging - my mom and my sister, not the animals! 

I am now back to eating meat regularly, and possible a little more that I usually should. my mom is a little bit upset over this too. my sister is keeping quiet. 

when I started to do gardening, I felt a little relief knowing the source of my food. you see, part of the reason why I chose vegetarianism was that I didn't know a whole lot about where the meat was coming from and how it was processed. although I still don't know much about the Australian steaks I enjoy every once in a while, I am content with knowing that the tomatoes I am growing are organic. it's a strange comparison, I know; but at least one compensates for the other. I can eat meat from "unknown" sources (granted they are Halal) and still enjoy healthy, home-grown vegetables that will ultimately fix up what ever deficiencies those steaks left me with. see, it's that simple!

I am cutting back on steaks and incorporating more veggies (especially those I grew myself) and I'm loving this decision. I made the choice to stop eating meat, and then to eat meat every so often, and then to have meat, like, every other day. now, I'm just eating more and more green and veggies that I am finding in my garden, and I'm really feeling better about my health (and my skin!). I'm not completely off meat, but I am eating less of it. I want my health to be at it's best, and so I'm taking what I've learned from gardening to the next level. you see, when plants are growing, then need water the most and a bit of sun and care, and of course, lots of nutrients. the water and care part we as humans are able to provide. the sun comes naturally. and the nutrients cant be self-made by the plant using what ever it can salvage from the soil. we can help the soil by adding plant-food and all that good stuff, and then you just let the plant take care of things, that same method of "getting healthy" can be applied to us, the humans:

  • add water (~drink water!),
  • get some sun ( ~get outdoors)
  • get some nutrients (~..)

the water and sun parts are pretty self-explanatory. the nutrients can come in form of veggies (and fruits, of course!) and lots of care to yourself. allow me to elaborate: you see, for a body (or person) to be deemed "healthy", it has to be fed properly. that's essential. and then the healing begins. that's when you'll see positive changed to your attitude because you're eating right. I swear, it's that simple! just like veggies can regenerate and get nutrients for itself by itself, so can the human body. the cure lied within you. 

I say this now having witnessed the miracle of plants through re-growth and re-generation. I've seen this online several times, but never really thought about trying it for myself - too busy mimicking techniques I've seen in make-up tutorials.  I was making a salad one day and I decided not to toss out the end-part of the lettuce and the carrot. I put them in a container with water instead. here's what happened.

  the lettuce and the carrot top started to sprout out new parts! 

I love the idea that those veggies can do the same for my body - just add water!

I'm planting these into proper, nutrient-filled soil in a month from now.

wish me luck!