like golden eggs...

I've been wanting to clean up the garden and replant somethings, change things up a bit. I needed some potting soil and seeds, but I was strongly opposed to go out and get some from Sultan Center in Salmiyah, so I listened to my mother and I stayed put. but true to my rebellious nature, I still worked in the garden - planting seeds and doing my thang! 

I wanted to shift things, and swap some planters around to enhance the appearance of the garden and to get the best results from my crops. there were some plants which have been begging to be moved out of their pots into a bigger space. and there those who needed to be plucked and be put out of their misery. did all of that. and as I was digging through the "old soil" in the planters where the dying plants were, I found something amazing. I literally screamed out loud!

  there were so many potatoes under the dirt! but that's basically how you get them - you need to dig them up. I always feel bad when the plants I put into the garden don't grow well or die out after a while, and it's even worst with potatoes: you just don't see the progress. you really don't know how well they are doing or how much they've grown until a few months pass after you've initially planted them and after the leaves come out. I used a potato that had a bit of sprouting on it and I planted it in a small pot. two months later, I got more potatoes! 

I'm always happy when I find these little gems. I've planted potatoes before, so I know the process. and I LOVE potatoes (especially those cute, small ones!) but knowing that I grew them and harvested them myself makes them even more special.

it's so simple, and so much fun to do.

I'll share a step-by-step guide on how to, maybe not potatoes per say, but something cool.