garden goodies

with the potatoes I dug up yesterday, I was able to enjoy the most delicious breakfast ever. I roasted them in the oven along with rosemary (also from my garden) and I ended up having them with a side of eggs (with oregano from my garden!) and the first tomato of the season. I only got one edible tomato along with tons of potatoes; but that's just fine because I love potatoes more anyway. and the tomatoes will just have to wait their turn to live in my tummy!

all the other green tomatoes are looking good as a mere decorative item in my lovely little garden, but I am looking e for some red ones to consume! every once in a while, a tomato will turn red signalling that is time to eat it, but the others seem to be fine being green. while I savor the "ready" tomato, I still want better results with my most beloved crop, but the tomatoes are always teasing me like that. I like playing this game though - I love waiting for the red tomatoes! potatoes are a bit more cooperative. that's why I love them so much: I love eating them and I love growing them.

here's how I made the over-roasted potatoes: