the journey

lately I've been getting some red tomatoes. at last, I can share with you this happy news. the wait for them has been tiresome, but when the green tomatoes finally appeared, I was so happy that I completely forgot about how long I've been waiting for.

I've been taking care of my tomatoes plants really well. this year, I've planted them properly and even gave them vitamins to enhance their growth. I figured it the plant is happy, then I will be too. 

the tomatoes tasted delicious. they are firm to the touch and they taste better than any other tomatoes I've ever tasted. 

I started thinking, tough, that this whole thing (~me doing gardening) started only because I wanted to clear my head and erase my troubles. it was never really about getting free tomatoes. but that's a side effect that I really appreciate. 

I have learned so much from doing gardening. it's not just the actual techniques, but also learning about life. where I found shorting-coming in my parent's teaching and my schooling days, gardening (and nature) helped to patch those gaps. 

in waiting for the tomatoes, for example, I've learned to be patient. it's the journey that matters, after all, not the destination - unless you're hungry and you need to get to a restaurant fast! but all jokes a side, this whole process has taught me that there a blessing in waiting for something to happen. of course we all want things to be done quickly, but what is the point in that? waiting can be beautiful. and now, instead of me trying to get those green tomatoes to red in a instant, I am taking a step back and just taking the time to admire what my hard work has lead me to to. who knows, maybe those green tomatoes will taste even better when they turn red because they took their time, I'm sure they will be more nutritious and delicious because they were allowed to soak up more of nature's goodness. maybe that's what going to make them that much better. 

in seeing this, I am now certain that all good things take their time to appear. that's what makes them so special.