how do I love thee...

...let me count the ways.

first things first, I've been missing my blog; so I'm really happy to be back.

I want to talk about something that I've discovered lately: coffee! actually, I've known about coffee for years, but I've never really known what to do with the left over coffee grounds. I've heard time and time again about how those coffee grounds can be re-used and added into the soil as a nutrient provider. I've never really had the courage, though, to out this little theory to the test. but I've a little annoyed with myself over how I've dubbed me as an "environmentalist" and yet I've not done enough in the "re-use" department.

so, in honor of Earth Day, I wil start to use  those little pebbles of joy (the coffee grounds) as a soil enhancer and wait for the outcome.

this is how I prepare my coffee on the daily. if I'm up early enough, then this is how I start my day.

so, after I create my daily-delight, I am left with the coffee grounds that I've been known to through away. but now, I vow to add them to my plants as part of my pledge to be more (~even more) environmentally-friendly; and to enhance the nutrient content of my* soil (lol - "my" soil!!!).

after the coffee is brewed and I have my own cup of sunshine, I go and I sprinkle the coffee grounds over the soil. I am hoping that this will really improve the soil's nutrient-content and therefore I will end up with better looking plants. I've been at this for a week so far, so it looks like this will take some time before I see some tangible results. 

I think that I may need to mix the coffee grounds into the soil, but for now they just go on top - just like that. I want to see what will happen both ways, actually, so I'll make sure for my next batch of coffee grounds, I'll be embedding them a little deeper in the soil.

all in all, this gardening thing is all about experimenting. I'm not all that keen on following what's been known to work, but I am willing to try out everything and see what works and what will not work out so well.

I'll keep you updated ... but for now, please take a quick looksy at my garden