end season

it's official summer time here in Kuwait. that means no more gardening for me. I've had fun digging through the dirt and planting things, but that's all over - for now. I feel sad about not being able to do more gardening, but I know that the heat will just kill everything so I can't really waste my time on this. Ramadan is coming up pretty soon, and so I can't really go into the gardening and do my thang anyway. it would be fun to just add new plants to green-up the place, but the sun just won't let me! and plants have their seasons, so I need to wait until next September when the weather is a little bit nicer and plants can take their time to grow.

the season for growing things is finished, but that doesn't mean life ends there - on the contrary: new life is on the way. there can never be a real "end" to the life cycle of a plant. I mean, sure they will wither away and get yellow, but they will turn green again and flourish when the next season comes around. 

my plants are doing well, and although they are worn and yellow, the spark carries on. you can see from the photos I've posted how they are a little less green in color, but they've retained their tenacity and they are still pumping out new tomatoes! I love that about plants! those tomatoes taste so good, by the way!


I'm very excited about the next time I grow plants. I'll be more prepared for the next growing season, I know that for sure. because I've had so much success this time around, I am very confident that the next season will be even better. I've got the skill set and the knowledge I need to produce better...produce! 

 I hate it when good things come to an end, but really there is no end to gardening. this will always be something I love because it's so much fun and so easy (~sometimes!).