a little R'nR

this morning my sister and I went to the spa. I've been dying to try and get her to come along with me, as I myself go there very often. I'm not so crazy about the idea of undressing in front of a stranger, believe me. and then having her put her hands all over me is not something that I look forward to. it's a strange feeling overall. but then again it's a very strangely comfortable feeling! I don't know how I got used to the idea of paying someone to squeeze me for an hour and then ask for some money in exchange... I can squeeze myself for free! I mean, like, massage myself.

 I love getting massages, though. that much I know is true. it's become something that I do look forward to, actually. the idea of a soft touch as a healing method is a very appealing one to me. it's so much better than taking meds, I think. everyone should go for a massage! I don't like things like massage pillows or massage chairs. although, I should admit that I own a massage pillow and I love the massage chair at the car wash where I go to get my car cleaned every other week.  but I still prefer having someone there, who is a trained professional, and is able to kneed away the pain and stress of the work-week - and of life's pain, in general!

I like to go for a massage every three months at least, because I just don't like being naked in front of a stranger... it's easy now, yes, but I still like to preserve my body (~my temple) and keep it for the eyes and touch of my future-husband. but life is pretty stressful, and since my future-husband is MIA, then I need to get my body relaxed by a stranger in  beige scrubs. it's always beige, I don't know why!

so, when I'm there I always go for the cheapest treatment: the relaxation massage. it's always an hour long and 30 KD. it's always just what I need for a reasonable price. I've been to several places and I have my favorites, but they never give me a discount for being a frequent visitor. so, for a long time I stopped going. I got sick of it and I wanted to save my money, so I took a break from the spa world. but my spa-free days didn't last very long and I was very keen to get back in the loop. I was so happy when NBK (the best bank in the world!) made an offer of a 10% discount when you use your NBK/Mastercard at the Six Senses spa. so I went there with my sister to get a little pampering for a good price. 

this is not something I video'd, but it's pretty how the place looks. it's really nice and super fancy, and you get that feel-good feeling when you're there. 

this time, because I was feeling like I need a pick-me-up after working so hard, I decided to go for a Thai massage. I've only ever heard of them, but I never really had one before. I got sick of the same ol' love, er, same ol' massage treatment, so I wanted to treat my body to something new and special. after all, I'm worth it!

the whole experience was amazing. as soon as you walk in, you're greeted by a super-friendly receptionist and she makes you fill you a form (like a waver) where you state if you've been there before, and if you have any injuries that the masseuse should be aware of. it's so nice to have something like that in a spa. you need the ultimate relaxation experience, but you also need to be safe. and the massage itself just makes you feel better because you know it was customized to your needs. I loved the Thai massage experience, because at least this time, I got to wear some clothes!

   this type of massage doesn't required direct touch as it relies of a series of stretching movements to induce relaxation. it was so good! it felt like a really good yoga workout. I walked out of there feeling fantastic. I'm so ready for the work-week now!


I'm so happy that I got to have this experience. but mostly I'm just happy to have been able to spend some time with my little sister. 

all good things come to those who wait :-)