as good as gold

today I did something terrible.

it's not something I've ever done before.

I sold my gold rings.

the very last time I'll ever see those lovely rings again...

the very last time I'll ever see those lovely rings again...

I've maxed out my credit card and I've got only 7.50 KD in my bank account, so I wanted a little extra cash. I also wanted to remove some extra items that I've accumulated over the years. actually, these two rings were my birthday present, and they are only a year old. I mean, I love them and all, but they were always meant to be used for a rainy day. I like to think of gold as method of saving your cash for when you need it the most - but looking fabulous while doing it!

I used all my hard earned money on, well, crap, now tat I think of it. just clothes and useless items here and there. I swear, my room is stuffed to the limit. I have no more space for any more shit. but I keep buying like there is not a tomorrow in sight. I also like to spend tons of money on food, and I've been especially hungry this month. 

I've always been a shopaholic. it's my way of de-stressing. I find it very therapeutic, but lately it's become more of a curse rather than a blessing. my trips to the mall are more like a journey to a barren land I don't wish to visit. as much as I used to view a shopping mall as a garden of Eden, filled with wonders and nice things to buy, now I see it as a color-filled maze I need to leave desperately.

that's where gardening came into my life. I was saved my grass and dirt. but now that the season to plant and reap is over, I see myself going back to the Dark Side. I'm back to over-spending in the name of self-healing. I've bought so many things, and now my money is all gone. once upon a time, I was happy just playing in a sea of soil and compost, I now find myself engulfed by an ocean of sales and special promotions. "buy one, get one FREE", the sirens call out. and like a fool I follow blindly.

should have played it like Odysseus...

here's what the last of my money went to :