Employee of the Month

I usually drive to work in a very sad mode. I swear, I'm like a droid whose only modes are "sad" and "sadder". the mood is never right for anyone who is headed to work. I know we all go through it, but for me it's a little deeper.

so on the dreaded morning drive, I always like to listen to music to liven up my mood and maybe make me a little bit happy and a little more ready-for-the-day. but music, who was supposed to be my ally, turned to be the worst choice. I was betrayed by the beats. instead of cheering me up, music became the soundtrack to my pain. it was so easy for my brain to go into a deep depression mode and drown me in a sea of sad memories. it was like diving into a pool to cool off and then not being able to emerge back to the surface because someone poured oil and set the water on fire! *just saying.

my playlist included songs which I've selected as a form of consolation, but I've only conjured up a motivation for suicide! 

I swear, even the up-beat version of "Mad World" drags me down!

at this point I decided to do a switch-up and start listening to something that won't make me cry on the driver over to work - or want to kill myself, for that matter. I especially needed this because this sad feeling during the drive to work would overwhelm me and remain with me throughout the entire work day. I would walk around the office with this dark cloud hovering over me, and I would be too miserable to show even a simple smile. it's gotten so bad that even my best friend, Sally, would tell me that she's been whispering little silent prayers for me. I always appreciate that. but I wish there was something more that could be done.

after realizing that music wasn't the key to happiness, I started to listen to comedians tell jokes via Youtube and with the miracle of BlueTooth Audio on my Ford Edge (thanks, mom!). this made a big difference. I no longer cry on the way to work, but I laugh out loud and I'm actually happy to be there.

so I'm scrolling down the Youtube channels one fine day, and I come across a Dane-Cook clip. and I remembered that he's does stand-up comedy too; so I clicked to watch the clip. even though I don't like Dane Cook very much, I decided to give this a chance. after all, I was in dire need of a little humor in my life. I remember when I saw Dane Cook for the very first time: it was a trailer for the movie, Employee of the Month. and I remember just sitting there looking like this...

...and I always make the same face every time I see that movie on TV!

...and I always make the same face every time I see that movie on TV!

I really didn't care much about this guy. it's so weird how I used to say, "oh God, it's that guy with his messy hair again!" and now I say, "ooooooh, Gawd! it's that guy with the sexy hair again!"

so ... it happened: I'm officially smitten!

it's really strange how in an instant I was hooked, although I've ignored him for years. 

I feel as badly as my high school friend did when she rued her childhood days because she didn't watch The Mousekateers. you see, she loved Justin Timberlake so much that her nickname was, "Mrs. Timberlake". so, all this time she could been crushing on him, she just wasted her time on other things. she felt so badly about this that she spent extra effort with this crush business; hence the nickname, "Mrs. Timberlake".

I think I feel too guilty for not "liking" Dane Cook all these years to have a crush on him now. but I still like the guy.  but I personally would not go as far as nicknaming myself, "Future Mrs. Dane Cook"!

I think that at the time when the Dane-Cook phenomenon occurred I was  just too young to appreciate that kind of humor. although I used to watch BET's Comic View religiously, I don't think I would have been able to handle a live comedy show with no censorship. but I'm fine with cussing now, so I'm happy that this happened now at this day and age. I am a strong believer that things will happen at the right time, and so I don't really regret not being a follower of Dane Cook and/or a fan his comedy when he first started out. although I wish I did!

things back in the day (that was a Wednesday, by the way) were not the same as they are now. things such as video clips or photos of celebs were not easily accessible. fans had to work extra hard to get their hands on things like that. and sharing was a bitch too. it's so much better now that we all these different social-media outlets; with old and new posts of out favorite artists and entertainers. fan-girling has never been easy! now things are just a click or swipe away. 

the thing I love the most about Dane Cook is that he’s the type of person who is very much on our level. he doesn’t tower over you with his comedic pomposity. he’s like one of us. when Dane says something funny, it’s like he’s your best friend telling you a joke. like, he'll take an everyday stressful situation and inject his brand of zing into and make it funny. and so the next time you witness this very event, you'll just laugh instead stressing over it. who among us wouldn't want that? laughter is the best medicine. and for me, there's no better medicine that the sound of Dane Cook's laughter...and the laughter I get from listening to him, of course!

I've noticed myself getting better. I'm even looking forward to driving to work just so I can listen to Dane Cook on BlueTooth! and when I get to work, that dark cloud that's always bullying me around is becoming more of a thin haze I can easily walk away from. I'm smiling more too. so much more that my friend Sally is now wondering about the reason for my constant cheerfulness. since being on board the Dane-Train, I've found myself able to laugh my way out of every difficult situation. it's like Dane Cook is right there talking about the same thing I'm dealing with and making it funny so that I don't fret over it! it's so easy to keep Dane Cook on your mind, because he's so easy on the eyes! and also because he's super-funny.

I've never had the same reaction with other comedians I've watched on Youtube or whose shows I've attended. their comedy ends as soon as the Youtube clip ends. and when you leave the arena, their jokes remain in a jar that you put away and never look at again until the next time you sit with a friend over sushi and memories of that one night you laughed hard at what some comedian said about a random audience member. with Dane Cook's comedy, however, it's always fresh: everything you do will have a Dane-Cook joke to go alone with it. he's made his comedy so relevant to real-life that you never forget to remember how Dane Cook made you laugh. I feel like his work transcends all others and that's why I'm calling him, "The Employee of The Month"!!! *ok, maybe it's not all that cute and funny, but it's relevant to this blog post!

in life, you don’t always get what you want, but will certainly get what you need. everything will show up in the right time. and even if it takes years to appreciate someone, you know that there is no better time than the present to make it up to them.

in my life, every time I was sad, I found an angel in every dark corner I turned. there was always someone to help me find my way back to the light. Thank you, Mr. Dane Cook for being a part of my Angle Squad.