Pot(ato) Head

I love potatoes! I like them served in any way and from any source. but lately I've become a fan of those little treasures I've been growing in my garden. I started using potato-cuts to regrow new potatoes, as I love home-grown veggies. I've found that cutting the part of the potato where the little green bit have sprung out and then immersing that bit in water, and then waiting for some roots to come out and then planting that bit... gives really great results.

about a month back, I began a little experiment with potato gardening. I've had a good yield before, so I wanted to try it out again and see what new results I can get.

these are my previous results :-)

the part about "experimenting" isn't really a patent deal, as a million results have already been recorded when it comes to growing potatoes. but what makes this here so special is the fact that I'm testing a new method of soil-addition. I'll explain more: you see, after the roots have grown out of the potato wedge, you know it's time to plant the potato.


at first, then potato is placed in shallow soil and then covered with a thin layer of compost and soil.

small potato leaves peeking out after rooting process.

small potato leaves peeking out after rooting process.


then comes the part where you need to wait. the same things needs to be done the week after, when the potato leaves have grown a bit longer.


and do the same thing again the week after.

this kind of "experimenting" is not so much something where I had to sit and carefully observe and record results, this has a lot to do with testing the elements to see which method would give me the best results.

I am still waiting to see the size of my home-grown potatoes, as I've had some small ones for now. but how ever the size, I'll always like what I get. after all, it's home-grown and all-organic. you can't buy such wholesome goodness anywhere but home.