thank you for picking... MI

yesterday was an amazing day as I managed to wrap up my work for the day, and leave the office on time. this time, no over-time was needed! I always have so much work to do that I end up staying to finish until late hours in the evening. and the more I do of that, the more tasks I get. so I decided to let things fall where they may: I will work hard during the day, and then just come home and rest. I always like to rest. it's better that way. the next day at work, I will work harder. 

I used to work so hard that I would eventually burn myself out and just lose interest in the thing I was doing. now, I'm just focusing on managing what I can do and then the rest will somehow take care of itself.

most days, though, I do work extra hard. I go the distance. I run the extra mile. on days like that I always feel better by offering myself a reward. I like to eat, and so I like reward myself with food! and even though yesterday was no such day where I needed a pick-me-up, I still decided to go for a treat after work.

it's a shame, though, how something you love so much can cause so much pain in a later stage. I've found time and time again that my beloved treat of foods that I like would made me a little heavier.  here I am trying to find something to make myself feel better, but then I feel worst!

at this point I was needed a food-fix that won't make me heavy, but something that will make me happy instead.

all of us have wished for a food-treat that won't make us fat. and such a treat does in fact exist. it's what dreams are made of! and it's not something I've dreamed up, because it's real and there is an istagram feed to prove it! **check out @pick_kuwait**

PickYo in Dirwaza - downtown Kuwait

PickYo in Dirwaza - downtown Kuwait


when PickYo came out with the promise of treat more tasty than ice-cream, I wasn't too keen on trying a new brand of frozen yogurt. I like ice-cream just fine. but PickYo was a local brand that came highly recommended by some people whose opinions I respected. so I went in for a quick taste test.

there I was at the Keifan location. this was the very first one that was open. I waited in line, once again fearing the worst. but after a quick lick, I was hooked.

it was so yummy. and the fact that it was all natural made it all that much better. 

they have since opened several branches in various locations all over Kuwait. I live near Abu Halifa, so the PickYo at SeaView is where I go most of the time. I've actaully been there so often now, that I've been offered a special invitation to their new-product-launch party. 



they have introduced a special treat: it's frozen milk! aside from the usual frozen yogurt pick-me-up, you can now enjoy milk in a whole new way! 

it's the best thing to happen to that glassful of milk you'd leave in the freezer with a Popsicle stick, and then you'd pop out the frozen milk and enjoy it like ice-cream! this is by far the best product on the market right now. and it's on that will certainly satisfy that nostalgic feeling of the good ol' days.

they are testing two new flavors; and I've tried them both! they have Turkish delight and regular. 


the move towards clean, healthy living is now a lot more easy because it's being made more accessible with amazing food vendors such as the Kuwaiti-owned PickYo.

I feel like I am now ready to face the lingering work days at the office because I'm going to reward myself with a fat-free, guilt-free treat after work! this will be the thing that will help me to have more endurance because it not only makes me happy but it will make me healthy and strong too!

thanks, Pick! it's very sweet of ... Yo!