stuck in the middle

happy Ramadan, everyone!

it's almost the middle of the holy month, and I'm feeling great. I'm getting lots of sleep and eating delicious food that I didn't have to prepare myself!

life is great.

I always love Ramadan because I get to rest from eating so much, and I love how light I feel because of that. I also appreciate the amount of time I have to focus on things I don't often get the chance to do outside of Ramadan, because I'm always stuffing my face or thinking about my next meal!

this year it's a little different. I have so much more planned out than previous years, and I've gotten through most of it. it's so easy to get things done when you're not concerned about what to eat. my gardening is more efficient, and so is my time spent doing household chores. everything gets done more quickly in Ramadan! I'm also working on my cards - check out my Dots By Tya page on instagram.

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when I'm not doing all of that, though, I like to just... netflix and chill. it's so great to watch things via netflix because regular TV sucks! I like the idea of seeing movies and shows on-demand. and I love being able to pause and continue watching later. and I love the netflix app too! so much awesome!

I've watched a lot of movies that I've been wanting to see but TV won't play them at a time when it's convenient for me. so that's off my list now. I'm also watching new shows - which is something I've never done before. I like to watch shows after the hype is gone and after they get stale and old! I am a little weird that way! but there is one show that is new and I'm extremely fond of it.

I'm so glad that I started watching this show! it's so great, and the cast is amazing. I've been a fan of Jane Fonda for years, and I really love her in this role. Lily Tomlin is the perfect compliment to this odd-couple combo. I'm so happy to see them together in a show like this. 

I love the idea of the show. I think years ago, something like this would be extremely rejected by a lot of people; and I won't have access to it via main-steam TV.

ok, so here's why it's so "controversial": it's about these two women of opposite characters, whose husbands work together and then end up falling in love - the men, I mean, as the women really hate each other! it's a bit of a spoiler to those who aren't so familiar with the show, but you guys need to know the facts. it's something that seems perfectly normal nowadays because, let's face it: love is love, and Marriage Equality is now common practice. so what if two guys wanted to marry each other?! everyone deserves a happily-ever-after. take it from me, a girl destined to single for life, I would never stand against two people in love - regardless of gender. but if you think about, homosexuals in the days before the now, didn't have so many people defending them. being "gay" was like having a disease. no one wanted a gay son or daughter, and homosexuality was always something to fight against. this is why I appreciate the show, Grace and Frankie, because it depicts homosexuality in a positive form and lets people see the up side of being gay. if more people got acquainted with the events of the show, then I believe that we can go a few steps further towards erasing homophobia. 

on the show, Jane and Lily's characters don't hate their husbands for being gay, but they are angered due to the abandonment. they have to deal with the loss of their life-time loves. the overall theme of the show is learning how to deal with loss and how to overcome obstacles and how to live - simply, how to live! had this been released in an era when being gay was taboo then the events of the show would have been a lot different. but TV audiences have had enough of that. hate never solved anything in real life and neither will hate solve anything on TV. 

it must have been so bad to be in such a position: to be denied one's basic human right, the right of existence. I can only imagine how hard it is having to constantly hide how you truly are and continue to defend yourself everyday. I  feel terrible for all the bad things that homosexuals have endured in the past. but then again, almost every race in the history of mankind has been through hell and back and became stronger and better, and therefore homosexuals are no different. 

of course, I say this now, but this came after some struggle. you see, I once was one of those people who hated gays. I only did it because it was strange to me seeing two men or two women kissing each other. I didn't even like that when men kissed other women, especially if it was my mom and dad! I didn't know much about homosexuality or what being gay really was. I only knew that gay = bad. this is what I heard. no one taught me to hate guys, but simply to avoid them. I didn't know anyone guy at time, because no one was "out" in those days. 

I remember one day I was walking along my friends on our way to school, and I have no idea why the subject of "being gay" was brought up. in an effort to fit-in-with-my-peers, I immediately said, "yeah, those gays people are so weird!". and I was cut off in an instant by my friend, Alex, who yelled me and said, "guy people are just people!". from that moment onward, I held no more so-called grudges in heart. I didn't hate on gays anymore. I was cured simply because she pointed out the obvious, I mean, really: what the hell is so wrong with being gay? why are we always taught to hate homosexuals?

I'm so happy that the wise words of Alex wiped my heart clean. I wish she could do the same for all those who hate...

these are the same words I remembered when Darren Hayes came out. he was my favorite singer and his words and his music was the greatest comfort I've ever felt. I wasn't mad at him for being gay, but rather because he didn't say anything for all those years. and really, how could he? I'm so happy that now, being gay is accepted. and while all homophobia is not wiped out, the world is a little less shitty now.