the edge of hypocracy

I found out last week that a good friend of mine is going to leave the company. I have mixed feelings about his departure, but mostly I feel sad. 

this is a long time coming, but to most it seems like a very rash decision. 

it should come as no surprise that non of us are happy where we are. at this company, for the most part. I, for one, have been quite shameless about expressing my hatred for my work place. and although I know others are unhappy too, I always think that they are fine with it somehow. it's what we have to deal with. all companies are like this. every single work-space is going to impart some kind of grief upon its employees. but the truth of the matter is that it's not supposed to be this way. at all. for anyone. period. we, the employees, shouldn't have to be used as pawns in this game played by the managers in order for them to collect money off our misery.

maybe it's just me being fed up with the lack of proper treatment at the workplace. but this is me having to deal with a special type of racism that I've fought against many times. things are better now, for me at least, but others around me are still having a hard time. 

seeing as strutting around in a cape is a thing of the past, heroes are now in short supply. there are no more defenders left to save the world. but at least I know I did my part when I spoke up against the injustice in out department. I did my part. but this was me as an "easterner" in a "western" company trying to defend other "easterners" - and myself. I can't imagine the troubles that an over-paid "westerner" would have with a company that claims that they hold such high morals. but he did. my friend was very upset over the mistreatment of workers on site and the managers constant disregard for their safety. he ever spoke up about this several time. he himself dealt with bullying in the office, same as I had to deal with (with the same person, even). but at least he was treated with a little more dignity than what I received. 

his co-workers saw this sudden resignation as an unnecessary move, but he needed to do it in order to give the Top Dogs a little wake up call.  I admire him for this bold move. 

I hope that someday soon I too can have the courage to walk away.