a street cat named, "Smaylor"

in the area where I live, there are a lot stray cats. as a matter of cat, you can find stray cats pretty much every where in Kuwait! street cats are kind of a mystery to me. where did they come from originally? that's what I'd like to know! and what year did cats start to infest the streets of Kuwait with their gnarly presence? but truth be told, I love cats! whether they live on the streets or in people's houses, I am a fan forever and always. there are so many people who share for passion for pussy - cats. there is even a place called Cat Cafe. it was so much fun sipping my coffee and enjoying the sight of cats being cats!

it's a small cafe located in Galleria 2000 in Salmiya. the owner was there looking after things, which I really appreciate. I really like it when small business owners actually attend to the matters to their small business.

 I ordered a "London Latte", which tasted like something I could make at home; but I was just as happy receiving my libation from the hands of someone else. even if it tasted like less of a cafe-style coffee and more like Nescafe that you can make at home... I was craving a brownie all week and so I got one of those too. it was moist which helped to satisfy the craving and curb my needs for another chocolatey desert for weeks. that made up for the crappy coffee. I was not aware of the fact that we had to pay to play with the cats. but there are fees involved as these furry felines are picky and won't be bothered to be pet unless its paid for. I enjoyed my coffee and brownie while watching other people play with the cats from behind a glass window.

the overall experience was a success. but would I ever go back there? no! while the food was alright, I would much prefer to stay at home and sip on coffee courtesy of my Nspresso machine and watch street cats come and go. the only reason I went to Cat Cafe was to play with the cats - again, could have done that at home (insert dirty joke here - or don't! whatever). 

I wrapped up my coffee and brownie and decided to head back home to see if Smaylor was around.

"Smaylor" is what I named my cat; which is actually not really my cat, but a street cat that I'm raising. I'm not really raising her though, she just comes by whenever she wants food. 

I really don't mind; because I really love her! it's been so wonderful having her around. taking care of her makes me feel like I have a purpose. it feels good to be needed and sought after like that.

I chose the name, "Smaylor", for her in honor of Robin Lord Taylor and Corey Michael Smith and their friendship that inspired the ship-name "Smaylor". 


"Smaylor" is a mash up of "Smith" and "Taylor" - the "SM" is from "Smith" and the "AYLOR" is, of course, from "Taylor".


another reason I chose to call the cat, "Smaylor", is because she was the mama of two kittens, and one was black while the other was a greenish color. because those two kittens reminded me of The Penguin and The Riddler (from "Gotham") I called, them Robin-cat and Corey-cat! 

it's been a real struggle to look after Smaylor; but I enjoyed every minute of it. even when my hands got too dry from all the antiseptic and anti-bacterial solutions I've using to avoid getting infections after interactions with Smaylor, I still value all the time she spends with me. 

love is pain; but seeing her chase after me and seek me specifically to feed her makes it all worth while.

I hope to someday be the proud mama (~owner) of Smaylor, but I know that this is a dream that I won't ever see come true. but I still have hope.