the #Woof movement

a few months back, I was contacted via instagram by a company selling skin enhancing vitamins. I love the idea of being approached this way - makes me feel special! and I love getting to know about new products out there because I love buying things! this new way of selling items online has taken the old door-to-door salesman routine to a whole new level. and we are thankful for it too, because it's less pushy and allows for more exploration of a brand. and where the old method falls short in showing us everything there is to know about a certain item, the online thing lets you have a thorough look at the what the company is offering and make a decision to buy in your own time. so when I took my time to learn about SkinWoof vitamins, I was eager to make my purchase and be on my way to getting better, healthier skin.


when the package finally arrived, I was so happy that I took a million #selfies ! here's the one I sent to SkinWoof ...

I was featured on the SkinWoof instagram page!

I was featured on the SkinWoof instagram page!


over the month of August, I put aside my beloved SugarBears to take part in the #woofmovement - you can read more about it here

I'm down to my final gulp today. my journey is one month is over and I'm ready to talk about my findings. it's been fun to take time off from the candy-like SugarBears and get into a more serious vitamin diet. I felt more grown-up with the SkinWoof pills! it was great to take a break to experience something new. I like the idea of a pill that helps to improve skin quality and may also help to make my hair and nails better too. and that exactly what happened! I saw a major difference in the texture and and overall volume of my hair, and my nails got longer and stronger too! this was mainly due to the presence of MSM and Biotin in the vitamin cocktail that SkinWoof offers. I was hoping for a noticeable difference in my skin's texture and appearance, but alas, my pores are still the same size. I guess this observation is acceptable since I've only been taking SkinWoof for a month. although I did feel that my cheeks have gotten more plumb and full - that's facial cheeks, folks...

I wish I could share a before-and-after shot, but my skin looks the same pretty much!

it's been well documented that pore size will remain unchanged even with major invasive surgeries, but only time will determine if the texture of the skin due to enlarged pores will improve and get smoother. in the meantime, I've started a whole new skin care routine to further aid in the improvement of my skin quality.  

this is my skin care routine - all the products I use on the daily for a better complexion

this is my skin care routine - all the products I use on the daily for a better complexion

I've also included some powerful serums containing ceramides, which are good for moisture retention on the skin, and serums with vitamins C and E for a brighter complexion and more even skin tone. 

aside from all that, I've adopted the Korean method of skin care which includes 10 steps for better skin. it's super simple though it may sound like a major chore. it's all about choosing the right products! here's my favorite YouTuber explaining what to do...

along side all of these new lifestyle changes, I've also increased my water intake and started to exercise outdoors more rather than hitting the indoor gym like I used to before. I am back to doing yoga too! I'm also eating less meat and diary products to improve my overall health. I couldn't help but switch to pseudo-veganism after watching "What the Health" movie on Netflix.

I say, "pseudo" because I still eat meat on occasion, and dairy is an essential part of a Cafe Latte so I'm still on that. and the SkinWoof vitamins are not vegan either, so that's another factor to consider. but I did include a lot of veggies and soy milk into my diet and my body is so thankful for that.

all of these things have made a positive change in my mood, which in turn made my skin look better too. I don't think I could have gotten to this point in my life without having included the SkinWoof vitamins into my daily life. and although I'm not very fond of the fishy taste or having to swallow two large pills daily, I will most definitely do another course with SkinWoof as I know that my skin still has a long way to go and those amazing vitamins will make the journey go more smoothly.