the TWILIGHT zone

I should start by admitting that I have never been a fan of the Twilight series; though I've always been an avid supporter of vampires and their right to exist. and although my sister is a diehard "Twi-heart", I've always felt like that a moniker like that given to Twilight fans would never be suitable for me.

I love to read about vampires, but a fan of the Twilight books themselves I was not. but I was never a part of the hateful mob that stood against the series, I simply disliked the fact that vampires were so poorly depicted in the books and eventually in the movies that got made after the books gained popularity. oh, but I guess that makes me a hater! I should declare, though, that I was very happy to see the young adult genre getting a revival. not that there's ever been a shortage; but this time with Twilight, it was different. the new brood of the late 90's early 2,000's was getting interested in reading books rather that doing online chatting or wasting their precious time on nonsense. so that was a plus. maybe the only positive thing about Twilight. still, I wish that they were reading something that's a bit more substantial and with a little bit more value. I mean, there are so many novels that talk about romance and vampires, and romancing vampires in a more beautiful and more accurate way. so I've always wondered why it is that Twilight got so much attention! 

having pretty much been a loner for the most part of my life, I myself grew up on YA books and I loved them! yet, I've never come across a good vampire novel, so I guess that's a gap that Twilight helped to fill. to me reading a book was like being around people who I considered to be my friends. people in real life weren't cool enough to share anything with me, so I really appreciated how the characters in the books I read were so open with me. so I guess I share a similar mentality with the Twi-hearts because they also view the characters as their friends...? I really, desperately hope that they already have lots of friends and are not as alone as I was, though!  I'll leave the morbid flashback for another blog post, and I will return to the main topic of why Twilight got so much attention. ok, so I've never ever felt like picking up any of the books that my sister proudly displayed in her room; not did I feel like seeing any one of the movies made. but when boredom struck on Saturday of last week, I felt a sudden urge to start watching the Twilight saga. don't ask me why this happened. I mean, there were so many other movies I could watched, and so many other things I could have done. but egged on by my beloved Netflix, I added the movies to "My List" as a reminder for me to watch them later on. and then that day came. I sat down and prepared myself for what I was about to witness. I was not too deep into the dark, as I knew what is coming; but I still needed to psyche myself up for what was ahead. I got through the first film in a few days, as I am never able to sit watch a film in a single session - nor am I able to finish a simple blog post in a single day! and then it came time to watch the second movie, and then the third, and so on. by this time, I was still a bit oblivious at how this was so popular with teens and some even with some adults! but to each his own, and really who am I to judge. I became more familiar, however, with why there was so little reception and open-mindedness by so many others who detested the franchise. for starters, there was the obvious: this story did not do justice to vampires in any acceptable way. and then there was the horrid acting delivered by the main characters. but since they've already received their fair share of contempt, let's skip this step and maybe save the reprimand for some other day. one more thing that I didn't like about the story is that there were a lot of racist undertones throughout the movies. I really didn't appreciate that because this mere cinematic misappropriation could be easily carried over into real life. this is not the case with certain violent scenes that give some movies the accreditation they need. those are not that easily recreated in real life as somethings like sex and other behavioral patterns like how people speak to each other or how they treat each other. there are somethings that need to be dealt with and portrayed with extreme delicacy as they are the easiest forms of behavior to be carried out of films. but maybe they were trying to make a statement with how the wolves are referred to as "dogs" instead, and how Bella chose Edward over Jacob because of race...? um, maybe! or maybe not! who knows. the heart wants what it wants and no one can argue with that. once I got past all of the awful, aforementioned things, I was really able to enjoy the last two movies in the series. "Breaking Dawn" part 1 and 2 was the epitome of what vampire movies should be. so once I saw them, I was truly able to understand the fascination with the whole Twilight series. I guess all the movies and the books in the series were needed just to lead up to that point. it's like with everything in life, you got to dig deep and find the true gems hidden underneath a pile of dirt!

in closing, I cannot really say that I've become a fan of Twilight at last. nor can I say that I finally get why people went crazy over this whether it was good-crazy or bad-crazy. but one thing I know for sure is that this was worth it in the end. I mean, bad acting or not, everyone matters. everyone's story deserves to be told. everyone deserves a shot at glory.