"when what you see is what you lack...

remember "Freaky Friday"? that's where the line, " when what you see is what you lack, then selfless love will change you back " - or something like that. sorry for the nostalgic moment. really miss the good old days...

I love how in the movie, Lindsay Lohan's character exchanges bodies (~places) with Jaime Lee Curtis' character in order for them to truly understand each other's situations. it's amazing how thinking of the "lack" has created so much energy that replaced the inertia and help them to see what the other is really going in each others lives. and that’s when they began to live better. I’ll be talking about how thinking about what you lack can actually bring about what it is that you actually want in your life. and while the law of attraction negates the idea of thinking about how much you don’t have the thing you want, I feel that this concept is what will actually help you to achieve what you want.

you see, sometimes we fear that we are lacking in somethings and we feel this lack taking over our lives to the point where it's almost hard to function. we feel unhappy about certain deficiencies and we allow that to determine how we act and react to certain things. and through doing this, we tend to refrain from entering into certain relationships because we feel that we are not good enough, or we miss out on a chance to embark on an adventure due to insufficient funding or not enough courage. things like this can cause mental stress. 

the Law of Attraction begs to differ as we are constantly encouraged to ignore the "lack" and focus on abundance instead. which is not total nonsense because it feels better to focus on the good rather than the bad. like, wouldn't we all rather have the glass be half full than half empty? so I went ahead and I applied this method to my life and it helped to improve my mood a little to know that I am whole and that my current situation is already good and is only going to get better with time. and I began to feel better about everything. but that was all in my mind and although it helped a little, I still needed something tangible. with time I saw myself falling into the habit of thinking about the lack. I started to worry about money and not having friends, and not having yet met my dream man...and little by little, I started to get upset and worry even more. but the Universe would not allow me to be so unhappy; and I quickly began to see that by lamenting my lack, I actually started to gain instead of lose! take for example the times I wanted to order something online knowing full well that I do not have the sufficient funds for it, I would notice that the item I wanted was listed as "sold-out" or the company would contact me to cancel my order because it was no longer in stock even after I've placed my order and I would get a refund. just like magic, I would gain money when I needed it the most even when I thought of the lack instead of thinking in terms of abundance. 

that's not to say that the Law of Attraction is wrong in teaching us to see the glass as half full, but rather my method uses that same philosophy but in a slightly altered format. so when I wish I had more money, the Universe would see this lack and reverse it by making me get the money I wanted not by allowing me to waste it! 

and whenever I would feel bad about not having friends, I would find myself surrounded by people that I never thought about approaching in the first place and those good folks would end hanging out with me - like the way that friends would! 

I would find blessings and opportunities everywhere even when I think that I've hot rock bottom and that's all thanks to the positive thinking I learned from my practices with method of the Law of Attraction.

sure the power of imagination has its own healing abilities, but you can't visualize the bright-side and still live in a dark place and think that this is the end. you need to acknowledge the fact that you're under the shade and then start to slowly move towards light. only then will you see that the Law of Attraction working its butt for you and for your betterment. and really there is nothing wrong with thinking about the lack; you just need to not let it overwhelm you and leave God to take care of the rest.