the shape of my heart

the other day, I found myself a little bored with the selection that Netflix had to offer. I must have watched Bright over a dozen times; and although I can't seem to get enough of Joel Edgerton as an orc, I wanted a bit of variety. so I turned to good Vuze and I downloaded a few movies that were overly hyped and I decided to watch them on my relic of a laptop - which still works, by the way!

I don't know why, but I seem to always be the last to know about certain things. I swear, I must have read a million tweets about the amazing movies that came out towards the end of 2017, but I never paid them any attention because I was busy getting my life back together at the that particular time. and some times general information just passes me by and I don't pay attention to it. and other times people just don't tell me about things... apart from that, I like to wait things out and then give 'em a test run. I always join the conversation late, but at least I get there. 

when it comes to movies, I like to wait until the hype goes down and then see what everyone was alluding to. sometimes they talk too much about a certain film, and then I get sucked in and then I go and watch it and it turns out to be ... crap! so I feel it's best not to get caught up with what everyone else is going on about because things can get vicious with certain fandoms. when everyone has moved on from a certain place, then I can jump in and see what the fuss was about. they won't get upset over me sharing my opinion when the time has passed they have found something else to obsess over.

I remember a while back, everyone was talking about how great the movie, "Call Me By Your Name" is, and how amazing it is for the LGBT community and what an awesome a love story it was. I love anything "love" related and so I downloaded the film. as I started to watch it, I was really intrigued by the story and I loved all the wonderful actors in it. and I got the hint that I was going to love this movie. but as the movie progressed, I realized that this is going to be a waste of my time. I hate to sound like I bigot (because I'm not!), but I wasn't living for this particular love story. I normally don't mind an LGBT related love tale, but this one was not doing it for me. I think it was the style of filming that really deterred me, and not so much the actual love story. I really don't like European style films where the story seems to linger. and they often don't have a cohesive story line. it seems like people talk about things that are irrelevant to the story as a whole and there's a lot of conversations that take place that do not help with the advancement of the movie's plot. it's really boring to watch sometimes. and I feel as a viewer that I'm left to "guess" what has happened and is going to take place later on. it doesn't feel good to be under so much pressure when I only came in to watch and enjoy the film! but overall, I didn't mind this film; although downloading it caused my poor laptop is catch a virus!


American movies take the guess work out of the equation as the viewer is presented with all the information needed - and with such style too! it's so much fun watching Hollywood films because they take you into a world of, dare I say it, pure imagination!  this is truly the case with this other film that I downloaded and enjoyed to the fullest. it's called, "The Shape of Water". what a delightful movie that was! I really, really loved it! I guess it's the Beauty and The Beast fan in me talking, but when I say I loved the love-story of this film; I really mean it! it's a "classic" tale of a girl falling in love with a "beast" and making the best of it despite all odds. I live for plots like these. it brought me back to the 50's sci-fi genre but this time around technology allowed for better visuals and therefore the story itself became more vibrant. this one was a hit for me. and my laptop did not get a virus this time!


to compare the two movies would a sin, because they are so different. on the one hand, you got this human girl falling in love with a non-human. and the ever taboo guy-on-guy romance in a time where these "things" were not accepted or even allowed. now a days, gay romances are a widely acceptable phenomenon, thank God! and while girl-on-beast may never be a reality, I still think that "Shape of Water" was an amazing love film!

let me say this in closing: love is love despite how the people involved may seem different or mismatched in our eyes. if one is lucky enough to find someone, then who are we to be judgmental? the two films presented love stories in two very unique and different forms. but they are still love stories, non the less. these are the tales of two people who have entered into "taboo" relationships and strived for the better in spite of others standing in their ways. and while I may seem partial to one movie than the other, I still liked them both for the love story. I think that's what matters the most. and what is even greater is how the people around the unfortunate lovers are showing support and enthusiasm in hopes that the love story will work out in the end. that right there is what true love really is.