holiday in the land of fire

I finally had a holiday. I've been really stressed out from work and everyone noticed that. I really needed a break from it all. I was really due for some RnR. I've requested time off, and with some push I got the approval. My mom and my sister and took me to the land of fire, Azerbaijaan. we went there for the Eid holiday. it was so much fun! I really needed to get away. they call it, "the land of fire", because there are mountain area over there with natural fires lit all year round. we never got the chance to see them, but I will be sure to go there on my next time visiting Azerbaijan.

most of the time, I travel with just my mom and my sister. but almost always, I have to book an extra ticket for the people from work. yup, those who trouble me end up coming along with me on my vacation time too! it's mentally frustrating when those who trouble are constantly with you every where you go. even when I'm far away from those who bother me, I still carry those memories with me and that ends up ruining my bliss. it's all in my head, but it affects my mood on so many other levels. there is nothing worst than when bad memories get in the way of fun.

I'm really upset by the fact that I can't get over what has happened to me, it's a damn shame that they have inflicted so much pain upon me. but even worst is the fact that I simply can't get over it.

this time, however, I was "alone" as I was aided by the grace of a Countess, a Geisha, and a Showgirl. keep reading, you'll see what I mean!

I love wearing makeup but when I'm on holiday, I like to give my skin a break too.  I often travel to religious retreats, like visiting the shrines in Iraq or Iran, so I don't need to bring any makeup with me. just essential skin care and I'm good to go. but on this trip, I took some essential glam with me since this was not a religious vacation. I didn't pack much, but this is what helped me to get ready in the morning:

 my lipstick of choice on this trip was "countess" by Kat Von D. this was such a bold shade for my skin tone, but I rocked it anyway. 

my lipstick of choice on this trip was "countess" by Kat Von D. this was such a bold shade for my skin tone, but I rocked it anyway. 

for my cleansing routine, I took my Tatcha goodies as I know they would never fail me; and because they are so easy to travel with. I got the One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil  which is my favorite cleansing oil as it removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin smooth and clean. and as a part of the Geisha cleansing routine, makeup removal is followed by gentle scrubbing with rice powder, so I made sure to get the  Classic Rice Enzyme Powder too. this method of cleansing is new to me, but since I was introduced to I've been on it like I've known about it my entire life! I love the idea of removing makeup with oil and then polishing off the skin with rice powder. such simple techniques for healthy, glowing skin.

packing a lot of products is never ideal when travelling, so I really appreciate the fact that Tatcha offers its cleansing routine in cute little envelopes that are so easy to use on the go.  

lastly, I used Huda Beauty's Liquid Lipstick in the shade, Showgirl, for my lip color and as a blush and eyeshadow too. I've never liked the idea of using one beauty product as a substitute for various other beauty products, but this trip has taught me that not only is the a possibility but it's also a time-saving trick - and it works! I have watched so many beauty influencers practicing this method, yet I never felt compelled to try it myself. but since I am aware of it, I felt that I needed to give it a try seeing as I was limited to only packing a few products while on vacation.

and just like that, I was saved from the evil of the workplace by the grace of God and the power of ... makeup!