A BEAUTYful Mind

last week I attended the opening of Bloomingdales at 360 Mall in Kuwait where I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite people, the lovely Mona Kattan.


this was such a huge deal for me because of so many reasons, but mostly because of the massive influence that the Kattan Sisters have had on me.

all my life I've been cast as an outsider. I've been treated like a stranger on my own land. no one was willing to accept me because of my Iraqi heritage and therefore I was often left to observe others from the sidelines, never feeling like I could really connect with them.

I've been wearing this like a scarlet letter, but one that I didn't intend to be placed upon me.

I've been led to feel ashamed of myself by my peers. they never liked me because they were "pure" and I was "mixed". and as a further consequence of this rejection, I've been dealing with a lot of racism and disrespect at work too. imagine if you will, Corey Michael Smith* getting arrested by GCPD** for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot***.

GCPD going after poor Corey, while Edward Nygma runs around free as a bird around the streets of Gotham! 

seriously, that's how it is for me!!!

it's been a crazy ride, but I've somehow survived it. I am so grateful for the mercy of God and for His blessings upon me. my Lord has sent me many angels to guide me on the path of life and to help me pull through. 

I've been trying to wipe the scars that life has left me with and so I decided to start wearing makeup to "cover up my pain". and I have actual post-acne scars, which really need covering up. but wearing makeup only accentuates them as opposed to hide them. so it wasn't really such a great idea after all.

and I'm a tomboy to the core, therefore I've resisted this step in order to stay true to my rebellious nature. I never truly accepted the norm of girls painting their faces on because it felt too fake. I myself have always wanted to be accepted for what my face actually looks like as opposed to what I look like with face-paint on.

but I ended up suppressing my inner feminist and began to transform into being more feminine. it was something that had to be done. in order to be accepted by them, I needed to look like them. I had to wear a mask to be allowed into their world.  it felt strange at first, but I ended up liking it. the "mask" I dreaded wearing felt as natural as second layer of skin. it's a woman's prerogative after all. after a while the only thing I cared about was looking good for me, and not faking it for anyone else.

I began to acquire new skills and new tools and spend endless hours trying to perfect different looks. and living in this day and age, there are a plethora of makeup tutorials to help you learn new tricks and master old techniques. of course, you won't come across too many beauty bloggers who won't include HudaBeauty products as part of their makeup routine. they are especially fond of the liquid matte lipstick that the HudaBeauty line offers.   

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so consequently I ended up getting the liquid matte lipstick and it literally changed my life...

as soon as you apply it, it gives a little sting thereby plumbing your lips for that extra pretty pout that we all want. it's sort of a two-fer (pardon my spelling) kind of deal where you get the amazing, long lasting lip color plus amazing looking lips too. it's as if Huda Kattan wants you to look your best while wearing her product. like, she actually cares that much. and I love her for that. honestly, some of the other products endorsed and hyped by celebs don't often do the things that they claim to do, and that's just such a shame. but HudaBeauty products will give you your money's worth and a long lasting boost of confidence too - because you look so pretty in them! 

the HudaBeauty liquid matte is not just another lipstick. what you are getting is the HudaBeauty experience. what you see on the box is what you are going to get - literally!

my lips look so luscious while wearing Icon (my favorite "nude" shade) that I wear that color that shade almost everywhere I go. and as much as I eat, the color outlasts everything!

...so I heard you like nature #bugs #butterfly #bee #hudabeauty #liquidmatte

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and so after experiencing all of this, I wanted to know more about this Huda person. I began to watch her YoutTube videos, and follow her on social media. I really love how humble and down-to-earth she is. Huda literally sounds like your best friend getting in touch with you on FaceTime and telling you about the awesome products that are out there for you to try!

this was the very first video that I ever saw. I was really excited about the title and I was so curious to hear her speaking in Arabic!

... and that's when the real joy entered my life. I never knew that she was from an Iraqi background - same as me! it was such a relief to see someone who is so beautiful and so smart and so talented and so super-amazing and who also shared the "nationality" as me! it was like entering a battlefield and having the entire Justice League**** on your side defending you and protecting you from harm! 

I'm so happy that I have the privilege to own these products. I've become a better person now because I wear makeup. it sounds a bit silly to me to say such a thing, but it's true. it's terrible when I think about what I've given up to come this far, but then again I never really lost anything.

once I've allowed some color into my life, that's when good things began to happen. that's when I got a major boost of confidence from watching Huda Kattan speak in Arabic with an Iraqi accent. that's when I became a little bit happy about my own Iraqi heritage. 

while I can't changed the past, nor can I make people accept me for who I am; I can always say that I'm proud of pedigree. the beauty of my soul will only be enhanced by the beauty of my face.

I feel beautiful inside and out, and those with small minds won't get me down anymore.


*Corey Michael Smith is the actor who plays Edward Nygma on a show called, Gotham.

**GCPD stands for Gotham City Police Department.

***Oswald Cobblepot: my favorite character from "Gotham", and an awesome Batman villain too.

****Justice League = like "Avengers" but with Batman