daily life

growing pains...

the other day, my colleague approached me with the following: “I prayed for you”, she says to me with a gleeful expression. I said thank-you. I also promised to do the same, but that is a promise that I am choosing not to keep because I hate her so fucking much!

let me explain…

this chick has been such a pain in my ass ever since I allowed her into my life. the constant shadowing, the never ending questions, the countless unrequited advise about my skin and my life… I mean, this is kind of a growing pain, I feel. in order for me to reach new heights, I need to first conquer this fucking mole hill. and so I am willing to go through with this because it’s the least of my worries. or non at all, actually. as ever since I walked out of AMEC, I’ve been living a much better life.

let me tell you about this bitch. there are so many things to tell, actually, but I’ll use this one isolated incident as a small example of what a nightmare she it:

when I first joined the lab at my new job, I was assigned to be trained by this Egyptian girl. and yes, it’s note-worthy to bring up her nationality because this TMI piece of information is vital to my tale of woe. I was so happy to be hired at a position where I finally apply my chemistry and be in a lab setting all day. it was a dream come true! and this new coworker of mine was nothing to be feared because after surviving all the bullying and bad shit that happened to me back at my old job, this was going to be a piece of cake! and then she spoke…

at first, it was nothing. really nothing at all. we really clicked as we started talking about skin care and going out, and of course about doing actual work. we even talked about going to Kuwait university to apply for a masters degree in Forensic Chemistry - a new course that held new, exciting promises. everything was going great. I ignored her annoying accent, and her inquisitive nature was nothing out of the ordinary since we are just getting to know each other as coworkers. but you should know, I never asked her as many questions as she asked me! Egyptians have an overly inquiring mind as their lives are much different than ours and they need to know every single detail because they are weirdos, to put it simply. I mean, our lives are different, yes; deal with it! you don’t need to know everything about everyone. what will you gain from this extra knowledge? idiot!

so back to my colleague. I got the impression that she is the type of person who feels it’s necessary to collect information about other people in order to use it in a conversation to make herself seem more knowledgeable about everyone and fucking everything. and I’m not wrong because this one time she told me every single fucking detail about this coworker of hers, who is her friend, and not mine, and how she is seemingly a lonesome weirdo because of her family and her background. bitch, I never asked to know! I mean, I will talk to this girl if I needed to, but other than that, I have no interest in her or of being her friend. but this chick felt like she needed to tell me everything so I would sympathize but I really can’t because we all have things we’re dealing with and one’s circumstances or their upbringing should not be the main factor in determining how you treat them. and why would you assume that I needed to know about other people’s business anyway? I don’t like talking about other people behind their back, but she does and she wants me to go down that path with her. FML!

and if that wasn’t enough, this bitch has the nerve to talk to me about how they hate gays in Egypt and they chase them and catch them and beat them up in order to “teach them a lesson”. oh my GOD!!! I mean, try being around this crazy ass homophobic twat after hearing her brag about how proud she is of this endeavor. my God, these people drive me mad! I don’t hate gay people, and I never will. I don’t see this a disease that should be fought and expelled from one’s life. a lot of my saviors have been of LGBT community and I am so proud them for helping themselves and helping me in the process. Darren Hayes has helped me my darkest days with his amazing voice and his amazing music. where were the “straights” when I was going through it? and Ellen DeGeneres helped me find my unique style. I was a tomboy who never fit because I was not girly enough, but when I saw Ellen rocking suits and short hair, I felt I wasn’t alone and that’s more than enough. and so to hear someone speak so badly of LGBT out of ignorance and pure hatred is just so heartbreaking and disgusting. and to think that she assumes I will join her in her homophobic vendetta; well that is the worst thing of them all.

and this one time I was actually watching Ellen on Netflix while I was on a break at work, and she comes over and says, “oh, yeah! this one really struggled in her life … to find herself and all”. and I’m like, “bitch, you were bragging about how much you love to hate gays and now you come over and try to gain relevance and act like you know shit just so you can sit with us… well, YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!” seriously, this bitch is not normal.

as if trying to show me how much she knows about pop culture icons if not annoying enough already, she displays her knowledge of skin care and health by constantly instructed me not to drink coffee coz of my enlarged pores. first of all, I had fucked up skin since high school and I never sipped a single drop of coffee back then. second, it’s a genetic thing that caused my skin to get saggy and yucky and I have no control over that. I tried several procedures to fix my face, but when Karma is involved too, there is nothing that I can really do. and honestly, why is my skin such a concern to you? focus on yourself, bitch! I am happy the way I am and I love the person I’ve become. I have no problem with my pores and I am still worthy despite how bad my skin looks - to you. and you know what, the coffee I enjoy on the daily is not the main cause of my skin looking so “bad”. it’s only because you’re looking at me with your ugly eyes that I seem to look so awful…

I am constantly being told not to give this matter too much of my time. I need to focus on more positive things. I do that too… but I need to voice my concern about this opinionated coworker in hopes of just releasing some steam. I am not asking for change; just a little peace of mind will do the trick.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard for her to behave properly and just allow me to live my life without enforcing her rules and opinions on me. I can’t get a day off to save my life with his idiot!

she’s just such a pill!

I hate my work place because of her, but I am so glad that this is all I’m dealing with right now. I am so happy it’s no longer bullying and racism that plaguing my existence. if this is all I have to put up with, then I’m fine with it. at least I only have to deal with her for 6 hours a day at work.