I met the King of Gotham...

my life couldn’t get any better and yet it did! I met Robin Lord Taylor at Kuwait ComFestCon - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

I feel as if this was a manifestation of my wildest dreams, but then again; did I really manifest this? I mean there are so many people living here in Kuwait who are fans of Gotham, so I alone can’t be the only one who wanted him here. and really it’s about time that we had some proper TV and movie actors visit Kuwait!

all I ever wanted was to meet Robin Lord Taylor, and talk to him, and take photos with him! but I was never able to because I can’t travel… Muslim girl problems, am I right! so I when I found out about his little trip to Kuwait via @teamrobinlordtaylor ‘s instagram, I was really happy to have this little dream of mine come true and that Robin was going to came to Kuwait -just for me!

in my mind, I knew that I wanted to dress up as the Penguin, but I had already given away all my nice suits as I no longer needed them for my new job. the only thing I could think of was that episode of Gotham when Penguin had just been released from Arkham and he wore a coat and a beanie and gave out cupcakes to Butch and Tabitha…


seemed pretty simple, so I went for it. I printed out a certificate-of-sanity just like the one they had on the show, and I left work early that day to get cupcakes. I had to buy macaroons instead because they fresh out! which actually worked out for the best seeing as I was there for a long time, and the cupcakes would have spoiled which would have been a waste. I bought myself a keychain from Laduree too when I got the macaroons for Robin. mama needs a treat too! and my new car deserves a fresh, new keychain. I picked up some Godiva too, and I found a bag with “Kuwait” so I got that too and I put everything in a bag along with a signed copy of my book.

when I got the convention, I was so happy to there! all the cosplayers, all the booths, all the people! it was amazing. and I found out that one of my friends was one the organizers there! it was super amazing.

I'm so glad Talabat sponsored the event! I love them!!!

I'm so glad Talabat sponsored the event! I love them!!!

this was one of the BEST interviews I’ve seen with Robin Lord Taylor. he shared quiet a lot and I’ve learned things about him that I never knew before. thank-you to GeekHouse Show for this effort.

to my dismay, no one was able to guess my cosplay as I looked like I was just hanging out in my regular clothes. I mean, when you need to explain your cosplay then it’s not very good cosplay! but not bad for my first time. I know now that next time will be amazing because of this mistake… I’m going as Carmen Sandiego next time!!! unless I find a guy, then were #nygmobblepot !

meeting Robin was incredible! I had such an amazing time with him. he is simply the sweetest! he talked to me like we’ve known each other for many years; and that made me feel super comfortable. he does this with a lot of fans, as my Twitter friends have sworn by his kindness and sweet demeanor. I thought this would be a rushed meeting and that I won’t have enough time with him; but it was quiet the opposite. I thought that we would just hug and take a photo and I would be on my way, but he talked with me and thanked me for “being here”… coz previously I got the chance to ask him a question when he was on stage during the “panel” session. and while everyone asked a question in Arabic, I used my “perfect” English and my question went like this:

“story time: for many years, I was badly bullied at work. things got so bad that I wanted to end my life. but then I started to watch Gotham and I saw myself in the character of the Penguin. I liked how he always carry on and never once said, “that’s it!” and threw in the towel. so I’m glad that he made through all his troubles. I survived because he survived…

  • everyone applauded *

so my question is, do you ever have a fear that something not so positive will transfer itself into real life - like the poisoned cannolis?”

Robin said, “thank you so much for being with us” and he talked about how the character of the Penguin is made human so that people would see the struggles and think that maybe if they’d been kinder to him, then maybe he would not have become a criminal. and at the end of the day, he’s not really responsible for how people interpret things on the show…

after the question-and-answer session, we all went our separate ways. I had to wait for 3 more hours until the meet-and-greet session, so I went to pray and got myself a bean burrito! I think it’s awesome that I didn’t wear makeup that day, as it would have been tragic to delay my prayers!

and then the golden hour came. I had to wait in line coz there were a LOT of people there waiting to see RLT! there was a little girl who lost her spot in the line, so I let her get ahead of me… it felt good to do a good deed. people are not as cool as that with me.

when my time came to stand next to Robin, I was so thrilled to see him live before me! it was such a great moment, and I wished I had more that still photos to document it. I will always cherish the memory of our first meeting. I don’t remember if I hugged him, or many of the kind words he said to me after learning about my suicidal dilemma, but he was really nice and he told me to always stay strong…

there were so many things I wanted to say to him… but we took a few photos, and I handed him the goodie bag I made for him, and I explained my OOTD… he was sweet about the whole thing, although I’m sure he didn’t get my cosplay either!

the next day, I went to ComFestCon again as I had a 3-day pass and the convention was for three days! I was NOT about to miss a single chance to meet Robin although it cost 10KD to chat with him… most expensive conversation I ever had with someone, but Robin is totally worth it! I wore regular clothes and makeup too, and I felt like my real self that time! I put on that Tshirt that Camren Bicondova endorsed with Gary Vee for helping homeless animals (or something like that). he was pleased to see that I had one of those! or maybe he was shocked to see the logo on my massive bosom! anyway, we took some more photos that day too. the day after that he called me by my name, Tara, and told me that used the bathbomb that I gave him in the goodie bag - oh yeah, did I mention that I included a bathbomb that I never used from Bomb Cosmetics that I purchased for their campaign to save the penguins?


it was kinda weird having that image in my head of Robin in the bathtub, although I love seeing Penguin himself in the bathtub… strangely, though, the Robin thing just didn’t do it for me! but I still feel like Gotham could use more Penguin in the tub!

on the third and final day, I wore my best outfit and so did Robin; but I didn’t get a photo of us together that day because I wanted him to record two special messages for my cousin (who doesn’t speak English well, but loves Gotham because of Robin!) and another message for a Twitter friend who said that she’s never met Robin… so I decided to forsake my photo op and do a kind deed for ma peoples… do I regret this? yes, a little. would anyone do a deed of this magnitude for me, like ever? no. but I did it. karma knows. God will reward me - not that I did that for the reward…

there were two things, however, that I feel I would have loved to have done and they are the following:

1- hang out with Robin and show him around Kuwait. since my friend was part of the organizing team, he could arranged something like that. I could not do that, though, because I was busy with family stuff that weekend, and he was busy with the convention. and I shipped #smaylor and #nygmobblepot , so…

2- I wanted to tell him that I’m happy that he and Dickie are not like Robert and Sol from “Grace and Frankie” because a love like that should never have to wait or be delayed in any way. and I love seeing that ring on his finger - I swear, a win like that is a victory for me too. I am a big supporter of same-sex marriage; but I felt that wasn’t my place to speak and it’s a homophobic country, so…

overall, the ComFestCon experience was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one.

2019 has begun wonderfully. it’s going to be an amazing year, indeed, and I can’t wait for the rest of my life to begin.